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3 Organizations to Donate to RE: Amazon Rainforest Fires

August 25, 2019



I am sure by now you have heard about the fires engulfing the Amazon rainforests, how it is not just destroying an area of earth that produces 20% of the world's oxygen, but ruining homes of many. Although most of us probably can’t hop on a plane and go help put out some fires, we can contribute to organizations who are working on ground defending the rainforest and helping people and animals whose homes are destroyed by the fire. 


But which organizations to donate to? I get it. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly where our money goes when we donate and exactly what different organizations are doing, which sometimes stops us from donating (like deer in the headlights situation!), so I have done some research, and here are 3 organizations that are most transparent with their efforts and in my opinion will make a huge difference on the ground assisting with frontline Amazon groups defending the forest efforts 


Rainforest Alliance

You could learn so much about what is happening in the rainforest fires just by following Rainforest alliance’s Instagram.  Rainforest Alliance is also incredibly transparent which grassroots your funds would be redirected to assist with rainforest defending efforts. 




In addition, with funds donated, they are mobilizing their global alliance of multi-national companies, farmers, governments, scientists, and Indigenous and forest communities around the world to put pressure on the Brazilian government to conserve the Amazon for the good of people and nature. That means, first and foremost, defending it against illegal logging, destructive slash-and-burn agriculture, and other existential threats. 


Rainforest Alliance: LEARN MORE + DONATE


Amazon Conservation team


Amazon Conservation Team’s Co-founder Liliana Madrigal just made a video about how they are helping with protecting the rainforests, and you can watch it here. While forest fire mitigation is not an ACT focus area, every cent you donate will go towards a fund that they would use to help displaced families after the fire is put out, working closely with tribal authorities. Not a single cent will go towards operations. 


ACT has also set up a similar fund after a landslide tragedy in Mocoa, Colombia in 2017, channeling resources to a grassroots women’s organization to support their regional recovery efforts.  In recent years, ACT has also provided training in fire prevention and control to some of our partner communities in Suriname and Brazil. They know what they’re doing!


Amazon Conservation Team: LEARN MORE + DONATE



Rainforest Foundation US


Rainforest Foundation US always works in partnership with indigenous communities on the ground and  support them in their efforts to protect their territories, because Indigenous Peoples are vital to the protection of the rainforest. 


What I love about their Amazon fires donate page is that they describe and you could choose exactly which project and which community you want to donate to, so you know exactly who you’re supporting. You could also simply choose the option “where it is needed most” should you wish the foundation help you allocate your funds.


Rainforest Foundation US: LEARN MORE + DONATE



Help Bolivia Page




This is not an organization but a high school friend of mine, Ximena who is from Bolivia just launched a go fund me page to raise £1,000 to support efforts on the ground, so if you have some money to spare and you want to help people and animals whose homes are destroyed by the fire and fire fighter fighting in the front line, please check out her Gofundme page. Any amount of donation helps and I have full trust in Ximena and her network to put these funds into good use.


Your donation would be used for:

  • protection suits for the firefighters volunteers

  • supplies for those who have lost their homes

  • medicine

  • helmets

  • medicine for veterinarians who are trying to safe some of the animals that have been burnt by the wildfires

  • respirators masks

  • forest fire packs

  • water tanks

  • support to all the people that has been displaced


Help Bolivia Page: LEARN MORE + DONATE


Sign this petition 

Gabriel Santos, a lawyer in the Amazon's Rio Branco, is gathering signatures on this petition, which is asking "all levels of Government in Brazil to mobilise and help us put an end to the burning of the Amazon rainforest!" It's also asking "the authorities to set up an inquiry to investigate what is leading to the increase in fires in this region and hold the culprits to account."






And you know what else you could do right now? Turn vegan, I mean it. And at the VERY least, stop consuming beef. Theses fire are not wild fires and are probably caused by men to clear land for cattle ranching. Cattle ranching is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the ongoing deforestation of the Amazon, and a significant portion of the global beef supply originates on land that was once rainforest.


But more on "long-term items" we could do to protect the rainforests later. For now, let's do what we can to help the above organizations who are urgently doing all they can to help people, animal and habitats affected by the fire.

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